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Judge: Gardendale Pastor Not Guilty of Wife’s Death Due to Insanity

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Terry Greer

Terry Greer

BIRMINGHAM, Ala. (ABC 33/40) – A judge has ruled a Methodist pastor from Gardendale is not guilty of murder and attempted murder due to mental insanity.

Terry Greer stood accused of fatally shooting his wife and injuring his daughter on January 10, 2013. Police say his daughter got the gun away from him and then he began stabbing himself with a knife.

Birmingham television station ABC 33/40 reports Circuit Judge Tommy Nail ruled Wednesday Greer didn’t know what he was doing when he opened fire.

The ruling followed testimony by a psychologist and two other experts.

Dr. Glen King also testified Greer remains a danger to himself and others. The judge agreed and ordered Greer to be committed to a state mental facility, ABC 33/40 reports.

Greer’s daughter, Suzanna, was present in court.

Greer’s wife, Lisa Ann Eidson Greer, had set up a psychiatric evaluation for him in December and he was due for a follow-up appointment the day of the shootings. ┬áLisa was a Scottsboro native.

Prior to their time in Gardendale, the Greers were at First United Methodist Church in Decatur, where Rev. Greer served as senior pastor.


  • Say What

    Some (guess who that group is most likely to be) go to mental hospitals — others go to death roll!

  • Old Crazy Pilots!

    That is awesome i was so worried he would not be treated fairly. I hope he gets out soon and goes back to preaching. God is good!

    • foresic behavior

      God gave him grace . Please dont lose faith that he will do gods work outside of a secured facilty. There is a control both and gaurds just like prison and jail

    • ariel

      are you serious?? he killed his wife theres no excuse! he deserves to spend the rest of his life in prison, actually he deserves much worse.

  • foresic behavior

    Criminal mental health is not understood.Its not much different thanthe deparment of corrections in some parts of it. They cant give a date of release so some spend more time in the mental health building than they would if they went through the department of correction. Beds are VERYlimited most jails have more than the DOM. This is a crisis of a our nation. It is being worked on so cause harm is prevented

  • Nuclear Mike

    One would consider that his crimes against his own Family might warrant this verdict, but then it seems humans almost always “hurt the ones they love”…so why are so many of the “cloth” being arrested for crimes from child molestation to rape to murder of the innocents…perhaps the church conferences need to do a better pre-screening of their assigned pastors just as the Vatican has promised to do now….

  • American

    Possessed is exactly correct. It is not normal to murder a complete stranger and stab yourself let alone in the front of your own daughter .

    The Bible talks about “wolves in sheeps clothing” this was no God called preacher .

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