Google to Make Driver-less Car

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(WHNT) –  The driver-less vehicle. Automakers have been talking about it recently, but now Google is throwing its two cents in the mix. The company’s car has no steering wheel and no pedals.

The tech giant released video showing people driving the new self-driving vehicle today.

It’s the first model the company has designed on its own. It used vehicles from Toyota for testing in the past. The new model starts with the push of a button, and it uses sensors to drive itself.

Nissan, Mercedes and Volvo are road testing their own versions of self-driving vehicles. Those could go on sale as soon as 2020 or earlier.

Google plans to release its self-driving vehicles around the same time. It plans to build at least 100 of its current test models. Google is looking for a automaker they can partner with because it doesn’t necessarily want to build the cars on its own. The company said it wants to partner with a company that can help get its technology on the road.

The Department of Motor Vehicles plans to create regulation for self-driving vehicles by the end of the year.

Photo: courtesy CBS/Google


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