Car Scratch Repair OK. Barely.




Many people have uttered a curse or two when finding a scratch on their car.

If you go to a car parts store, there are several products that claim to fix scratches, especially clear coat scratches.

The latest has a big name attached to it, DuPont, and is also making the “As Seen on TV” circuit.

It’s called the Pro-Fusion Scratch Repair Stick.   It sells for $9.99.

It works like a lot of scratch repair products. There is a tip that you have to push down several times to “prime” the Pro-Fusion.

When the tip becomes damp or wet, it’s time to go over the scratch on the car.

On a product like this, less is more. You go over the scratch. Make sure you have a cloth or paper towel to quickly wipe away the excess.

You wait for it to dry and hopefully it makes the scratch on your car better.

We tried the Pro-Fusion on some bad and not-so-bad scratches.   It did … ok.  Marginal.

I want to make this product a Dud. But it did help a wee bit. So I will make it Debatable.


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