Pick Your Problem, A Limestone County Road Has It

Batrumville Road is in Limestone County. It runs between Harvest Road and East Limestone Road.  Ask neighbors, and they'll tell you it makes up for its short length with its multiple problems. "When they turn that corner they gas it till they get right down yonder. Same thing from down there," says Danny West.

He's one of a group of neighbors who met us to talk about their troubled road.  Speeding is one of the problems, but not the major concern. "A lot of big pot holes, and we have a lot of children up and down the road. Cars will swerve off the road, and we're just concerned for the children and stuff," says Festes Kyle.

The swerving caused by a couple of things.  One is hitting the potholes and the other is trying to avoid them.  The latter is tough to do on this narrow road. "The school bus comes by here in the morning, and you just about have to run off the road when you meet the bus, cause it ain't wide enough for two vehicles, much less a bus and a car," says Danny West.  The narrowness of the road made worse by the fact that in some places there's virtually no shoulder. There are also deep ditches in a couple of places.

Yet another problem, the fact that efforts to help Batrumville Road, haven't. "they've tried to do a temporary fix with some black top, but every time it rains it just washes it out, and it's just as bad as it was before," says Festes Kyle.

The neighbors all want the same thing...their road repaved. We're taking action and taking their concerns and wishes to the Limestone County Commission.  Like we said, the road is short, but the list of problems...is long.

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