Kids to Love: Alex

Last week you met baby sister Ciara. This week you get to meet the middle sister, Alex.  She’s this week’s Kids to Love child.

Her birth name is Alexandria, but her friends call her Alex.

“How would your friends describe you?” Lee asks.

“Nice,” Alex answers.

She’s finishing up the 5th grade, and it’s been a busy year.

“Science, math, studies, reading, spelling,” Alex lists her school classes.

Her favorite subject is spelling. She makes “Good grades… B’s & C’s.”

“Do you study a lot?” Lee asks.  Alex shakes her head no.

She needs someone to encourage her, and help keep her and her sisters together.

“Is staying with your sisters something you want to do?” Lee asks.

“Mmm hmm,” she replied.

“Why is that important?” Lee asks.

“Because I love them!” Alex answers.

If you are interested in learning more about Alex and her sisters, please contact Kids To Love.

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