Son of ‘Hunger Games’ Director Confirmed As Santa Barbara Shooter, Shootings Start at a Home

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Photo Credit: CNN

ISLA VISTA, CA (CNN) – The sheriff of the town where a mass shooting resulted in the death of seven people confirmed the identity of the shooter Saturday night.

Santa Barbara County Sheriff Bill Brown said the man was 22-year-old Elliot Rodger, a student of Santa Barbara City College who was a resident of Isla Vista, CA.

Elliot Rodger,22, appears to have “fatally stabbed” three males within his residence before embarking on a rampage near the University of California, Santa Barbara, Sheriff Bill Brown said.

From his black BMW, Rodger sprayed bullets at people near the University of California-Santa Barbara on Friday night.

Six victims were killed, and several more were wounded. It appeared Rodger turned the gun on himself after the shooting spree, Brown said.

In addition to the six victims and the dead suspect, 13 people “were injured during this melee,” Brown said. Eight of those suffered gunshot wounds, four were hit “by the suspect’s vehicle” and one has a “minor injury of unknown origin.”

“You don’t think that it will happen to your child until it does,” said Richard Martinez, the father of one of the victims. “Chris was a really great kid. Ask anyone who knew him.”

The shooter is the son of Hunger Games assistant director Peter Rodger. Through an attorney, Rodger earlier stated his belief that his son was the shooter.

Brown called the attack a “premeditated mass murder.” He said there were 12 different crime scenes, including the shooter’s apartment, where he stabbed three males to death.

Police obtained three guns in their investigation, all purchased legally.

The suspect “had over 400 remaining rounds of ammunition” when he was found “obviously dead” in his crashed car. Brown said that more people could have been killed if not for the actions of law enforcement.

While searching for a motive, investigators looked into a social media post from Rodger that appeared to be a manifesto.

“It’s very apparent that he was severely mentally disturbed when you review that document,” Brown said.

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  • tim

    Another mass shooting in a Liberal State with tight gun control laws and more than likely a gun free zone ? Now politicians will make more laws and create more ” gun free zones ” that will get more innocent people slaughtered ! This lefty Looney is exactly why you need to be armed !!!!! He had already killed 7 people before cops showed up ! I’m sure they did all they could but the damage was done . I did not hear of one report of any victim shooting back or attempting to shoot back. No ! a gun does not guarantee you will survive an attack like this but it may give you a chance. I will take my chances with my gun……

    • Say What

      Tim, you need to be reminded that there are also a lot of shootings in the gun loving areas such as Alabama.

    • Say What

      Tim, as crowed as that area was with college age people only an idiot would pull out a gun and start shooting back. Oh, that is what you said should have happened! That makes you an . . . . .

  • Nuclear Mike

    …a memebr of an elite HollyWood Democratic Family and yet they choose to not press the treatment for his obviously displayed mental disease…he was never going to ask for help, his Family should have pressed for his treatment and California’s liberal lifestyles allowed this young man’s sick anger to knife 3 men and shoot 3 women to death…

    • Say What

      Nuckey, you really are showing your lack of smarts today! The young man that shot up the elementary school was from a family of gun nuts in Connecticut. His mother proudly bought her mentally disturbed son one of the gun he used in the shooting of the school children. The other gun he used was his mommy’s (the one that he also used to kill). Crazy people with easily obtained “legal” guns (thanks NRA) that do these mass shooting come from all types of families. Don’t let you bias blind you to the facts!

  • DT

    How could he possibly passed all requirements for permits for 3 guns? He was supposedly under the care of 2 therapists/ counselor/ psychiatrists every day??!!!!???? Does NOT add up!!!!!

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