Surveillance Video Released In Arab Burglaries, Police Say Burglar Carried An Assault Rifle

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ARAB, Ala. (WHNT) -- Arab Police are looking for a person they say burglarized two area businesses armed with an assault rifle.

"When this individual entered the building, it's clear he had an assault rifle with him," Chief Ed Ralston says.

Both burglaries were caught on surveillance video. Just before ten o'clock Saturday evening the video shows someone breaking the glass on the door of a Jet Pep.

That person is carrying what Arab Police believe to be an assault rifle, and it can be seen  clearly in the video.

The burglar goes behind the counter and then a few minutes later leaves.

Moments after that the same thing happens at a different business just down the road.

A break in, the person stays for only a few minutes, then leaves.

Chief Ralston says the burglar didn't get away with much money, but did manage to take was some food and cigarettes along with the small amount of cash.

These particular burglaries have the agency on alert.

"It's really concerned us to see somebody entering the building with an assault rifle," Chief Ralston says.

It appears the person in both burglaries is the same.

"Same dress, same method of entry, both of these businesses are on the south end of our town, and they're both probably within a quarter-mile of each other," Chief Ralston says.

Investigators are following up on leads, but haven't been able to find out much more just yet.

If you have information you're asked to call Arab Police at  (256) 586-7525.


  • B

    I hope you catch this scum quick Ed! Arab couldn’t ask for a better police chief! I feel confident you and your department will find out who’s behind the this soon enough!

  • Red

    Cudos to this Great American for displaying his 2nd amendment rights, and for using his assault rifle for something productive!

    • John Doe

      Yeah, I was finally surprised to see a Democrat bearing arms. We know it was a Democrat because he supported the redistribution of wealth and property. What was so shocking is that he finally quit relying on the government to sustain his desires and got up off the couch & did the “work” himself.

  • James

    Shows how much the Arab police chief knows about weapons. It is not an assault rifle unless it is fully automatic, which we don’t know, because it was never fired, It is an AR style rifle, wish people would get it right

    • Harry Martin

      James, I’m with you! Nowdays, every weapon people see, is an assault
      rifle. I’m with you, I wish people would learn about what they speak about!

  • Speedracer

    I could be wrong but i don’t see a magazine in that rifle. Could be a small 20 round one, but then again the video isn’t that clear. Seems like it was use just as a tool to smash the glass to me.

  • Lisa

    Wither the guys has a AR or an Assault rifle is beside the point. The point is that he brought that kind of weapon into the crime. It shows he had full intent on harming someone if there was anyone in the business. As someone who lives near these businesses this is disturbing to see. And yes it makes me glad that I have my own weapons at home to defend myself and my family with if need be.

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