Update: Madison County Man Arrested After Extensive Drug Investigation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - The Madison County Sheriff's Office has arrested a man after an extensive investigation involving weapons, drugs and money. Bryan Jeffrey Byrd, 21, is charged with trafficking oxycodone.  He was arrested Monday during a traffic stop.

Bryan Jeffrey Byrd, 21, was arrested in the investigation. (Photo: Madison County Sheriff's Office)

Bryan Jeffrey Byrd, 21, was arrested in the investigation. (Photo: Madison County Sheriff's Office)

Deputies say Byrd had a gun and pills on him, and had more handguns, shotguns, drugs and $9,000 cash at his residence, 1203B Wells Avenue in Huntsville's Five Points neighborhood.  They also confiscated $16,000 in pills.

Byrd lived in a duplex, and authorities say people visited his home frequently. During the course of questioning, Byrd also told deputies about a storage unit in his name. There, they found several additional weapons.

They are now attempting to trace the guns and determine the source of the prescription drugs.

Investigators say neighbor complaints often provide key information needed to make drug arrests. They urge anyone who suspects criminal activity to contact the Madison County Sheriff's Office. An online complaint form is also available through the Sheriff's website.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Let’s hope allthe firearms are returned to their rightful owners…and GOOD JOB Sherriff’s Office!

  • Rockasanted

    The Sheriff Dept should check with ATF first to find out if these belong to them as part of Fast and Furious!

  • Nick

    He had 16,000 bucks in cash. You don’t think he could buy these weapons huh? They were all stolen apparently lol use your heads people I doubt he stole that many guns plus he would have a felony charge of possession of a stolen firearm and I don’t see that info here so stop jumping to conclusions.

  • Paul

    The story on the video, as well as other written accounts of this say he had $16,000 in pills, and $9,000 cash….I believe this written account has it backwards and claims $16,000 cash….it’s getting harder to trust the news.

  • Red

    Why do they show pictures of the guns? Isn’t he considered a good American because he owns all these guns? I understand the “drugs” part is illegal. So why show photos of the guns? The GUNS in this photo demonstrate that this guy is a GREAT AMERICAN and a PATRIOT. Is somebody trying to take our guns away from us?

    • Karinttt

      Save the sarcasm. Just because he has a lot of guns, doesn’t mean he owns them legally… and it doesn’t make him any more Patriotic than someone who has lots of cars in their possession, but stole them. I know you were being trite and meant to slam gun owners. But you’re going to need a more intelligent rant.

  • steven

    Byrd is my cousin and by no means a thug maybe a hustler but not a thug and the news screws alot of info up this is the first time he’s actually been in real trouble so I hope he learns a lesson.

    • Karinttt

      Appreciate your loyalty to your family. But, Steven and Susan, anyone selling oxycodone, with 16 thousand or whatever amount he had of cash on him, who owns all these guns… is much more than just a “hustler.” Actually, he qualifies for more than the label “thug.” jThis is not just a “mistake.” This was a choice, and Bryan made it. These drugs not only kill people, they drive some to commit crimes in order to pay for them. The fact that he’s never been “caught” before, doesn’t elevate his character one iota. He’s only 21. And, yes, I hope he’s learned his lesson, too. But I also hope that he’ll be considering a life style change while sitting behind bars for a very very long time. I have children and grandchildren that I also love and I do not want anything to happen to them as a result of Bryan’s choice in career paths!! It’s fine to love and support your family; but you need to start dealing with the reality of the situation. If you and he continue to distant yourselves from the facts, then Bryan will never get his head on straight. He’ll always be making bad choices because he and you will be in denial.

  • Harley Springer

    Please stop reporting criminals using “automatic handguns” when there isn’t such a thing, at least none that law abiding citizens can carry. Handguns are either revolvers or SEMI-automatic.

  • Witness - OG plug

    I was at the red stone bank by lowes on north parkway. This was no routine traffic stop. I witnessed 5-7 unmarked cars surround the car. They grabbed him and threw him in a vehicle then all of the cars headed down south parkway. I saw everything from start to finish. Looked like he just sold to a cop I guess in the parking lot and they were waiting to bust him. It was clearly set up. Looked like a nice young man. He didn’t put up a fight then again sal’s fat arse was blocking the view. They needed a bust…. Drug related busts down right now fatty?

  • Lynard skynard - Freebird

    A mom, no matter what you say/think you’re still fat AND bald LOLZ. You cleaned up my poo HAHAHAHAHA

  • Susan

    In response to a mom the whole family is not on drugs I’m his aunt and myself isn’t on drugs and neither is the whole family so u need to get the facts straight

  • Ashley

    Byrd is by no means a thug. This is the first time he has EVER been in trouble and he was a great student at the university of Alabama before this year. Hopefully they give him another chance and he learns a lesson. His father is one of the kindest men I have ever met and I can’t imagine what he is going through right now.

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