Homeowner Goes After Renter, Judge Issues Court Order Against Renter’s Employer

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - A homeowner accuses a renter of damaging his home. The homeowner took the renter to court and a judge ruled in his favor. The homeowner is going after the renter's employer. It seems no one is following the court order.

A judge ordered Comcast to pay Robert Shaffer more than a thousand dollars. Comcast employed Shaffer's renter, Shashone King. Shaffer showed WHNT News 19 around the home where King stayed about a year.

Shaffer hasn't received one cent in the seven months he's waited.

Shaffer welcomed WHNT News 19 inside his home. He rented it to King in September 2012. King lived there with his wife, two children and children's grandmother.

“They seemed like a really good family. They asked me to not charge a security deposit. I didn`t and here I am,” said Shaffer.

Shaffer knew there was a problem about one month before the lease expired. He called King to set-up a time to inspect the home.

“He said he would, but never did get back to me. I kept calling. His wife would never answer. She would not return my calls. He would not return my calls,” added Shaffer.

Shaffer decided to send King text messages. He remembers King replied with a date to meet, but never showed.

“At that time, he had never returned the keys to me. I hadn`t seen him in almost a month. I just came back to the house. I had a key to the house,” added Shaffer.

Shaffer inspected the home alone. He noticed damaged doors, stained carpet and paint damage. But, there was more.

“There were holes in the walls. The place was left really dirty. There was trash piled up this high in the garage,” added Shaffer.

He took pictures and sent King a certified letter. Shaffer told WHNT News 19 King offered $500 to make the headache go away. Shaffer declined the offer and asked for $850.

“I thought it would get his attention if I filed the complaint and he would call me to get with me to settle this thing. I was really surprised he completely ignored it,” added Shaffer.

Shaffer pushed King to pay, but never got anything. Shaffer returned to court. A judge granted Shaffer's request to garnish King's wages. Court documents show King works for Comcast.

Shaffer hasn't heard from the cable company either.

“I thought if I am a consumer in this community, owed Comcast money, they would use every legal thing at their hands to get me to pay that money,” added Shaffer.

WHNT News 19 exchanged a few emails a spokesman for Comcast. The spokesman, Alex Horwitz, provided a response:

“We have looked into this and will be contacting Mr. Shaffer to resolve this matter. We apologize for any inconvenience Mr. Shaffer has experienced.”

WHNT News 19 will keep in touch with Mr. Shaffer to find out if our fight to get what's owed ends.


  • Jim

    Yep, if you have a renter and they dont want you or delay you to inspect the home then there is a problem. Typically they will delay and then wont show up for final inspection but leave keys under the door mats in back etc… Typical. ….Damage Deposit is always needed…Otherwise you run into stuff like this..

  • J. Moore

    Look on Comcast website and look up a man named Michael Gater. He is the senior VP of Human Resources. He is an ignorant know it all and would probably do what it takes to make another employee miserable.

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