Apps to help protect your online reputation

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Tennessee Valley high school students will be graduating this week and next, some heading off to college and some looking for full-time work.

Chances are good that after years of social media use, most of these graduates have online footprints. That matters because employers are increasingly turning to the web to search the history of job candidates. What would a search say about you or your child?

Some social apps and tools are now popping up to limit the amount of information that winds up on the web. If you’re worried about leaving a digital paper trail of your personal information or interactions, you might consider trying some of the following:

Cyber Dust – An iPhone texting app, coming soon for Android phones. When you send a message, it will self-destruct after 30 seconds. The app also alerts you if a person you’re communicating with tries to take a screenshot of the message.

Snap Chat – A free app that’s already a mainstay with younger users and allows photos or videos to live onscreen for one to ten seconds. A newer feature, Snapchat Story, allows users to create mini-sequences of photos that exist for 24 hours before going bye-bye.

Instagram Direct – A new service from Instagram, allowing users to send private photos or videos to just a select group of friends – up to 15 at a time.