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The ‘Super Citizens’ of Hazel Green Honor Their Heroes

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HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) - It was 'Super Citizen' graduation day at Hazel Green Elementary.

With the help of the Madison County Commission, third graders spent Monday afternoon honoring the heroes in their lives.

The students learned how to become 'Super Citizens", with the motto "honor a hero, become a hero".

They've done their part as 'torch teams', recognizing people in their lives who have made a positive impact- those who have changed their own lives.

John Boyle was one of the three heroes celebrated Monday. His daughter introduced him with a speech saying, "he is special because he does everything he can for all of the community".

Boyle was honored.

"It makes it real special that they look at you like that, and I guess that's what being a parent is all about," he says.

Boyle does a lot with the kids, from office work to cleaning up the local ballparks.

"As a family we're very patriotic," Boyle says. "We serve when needed where needed. They've kind of realized that's just what community is about."

Two other heroes honored: The school nurse Katie, and the Hazel Green High School resource officer, Officer Smith.

"Nurse Katie is a helper at our school," one student says. "She fixes our bumps bruises and cuts. She makes sure you get better quick."

"Officer Smith is a police officer at Hazel Green High School. It is my opinion that he is an awesome police officer," says another student, introducing the man she deems a hero.

These 'super citizens' raised money to purchase Lady Liberty statues for their heroes, honoring them with a replica of freedom, opportunity, and hope.

The Madison County Commission provided the funding for the Lady Liberty awards. Students also got a history lesson from Lady Liberty herself.

It was all park of a program with the Liberty Learning Foundation.  The organization aims to empower students with an understanding of history, heritage and the great American ideals that are fundamental to the success of our Next Great Americans.