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Taking Action: Business Leaders Concerned About Highway 72 Traffic

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

MADISON, Ala. (WHNT) -- WHNT News 19 is taking action for concerned business leaders at a shopping center in Madison.  Steven Fleming wrote in to our newsroom and said that he is having issues with traffic flowing in and out of the shopping center his business is located in. The only way to get into the center is through an entrance off Highway 72. There are no turn lanes to get in and a blind spot coming east over the hill makes it dangerous for drivers to turn left in front of oncoming traffic.

"We've had regulars that won't come back because of the issue," said Fleming. He said this has been an issue for awhile now and even customers on his Facebook page are concerned about it.

"We see a lot of accidents, two or three a week," said Jasmine Spear. Spear is the assistant manager of Salon Soz, a new hair salon that just recently opened up in the Richland Plaza shopping center. "My husband has already gotten in an accident and we've been here for not even a month."

Fleming and Spear showed WHNT News 19 exactly where the problem is taking place. "It's hard because you have people coming 60 miles per hour down this hill so once they reach the top of the hill, you think you're okay," said Spear. "A lot of times you can't make it because once they go down the hill they're accelerating their speed."

Another part of the issue, is making sure customers are getting in and out of the shopping center safely. "Customer safety is number one," Fleming said.

"As you can see now," Fleming pointed at a car trying to turn left in front of oncoming traffic. '"As they try to come across, they're actually sitting in the opposite turning lane."

"This right there, it's just not safe, it's just not safe," said Spear.

WHNT News 19 took action and reached out to Madison County Commissioner Steve Haraway. His office said that this is part of an ATRIP project for Highway 72. The state is currently working on a design for a 6-lane highway from Providence to County Line Road.

At this time, officials aren't sure when the construction will start.


  • Lynn Curry

    We used to be able to access this business center from Slaughter Rd. But the IDIOT who runs that Sunny Cafe, had concrete berms moved in, and blocked the access!!
    I can still use that route, by parking in front of the Cafe, taking one of his spots, then going to Edward Jones office. Those barriers need to be removed!

    • GinGin

      You are absolutely right. They need to remove those cement berms. I was surprised to find them there, and they blocked the entrance I needed to use in order to get into the shopping center. I had to drive back out of that area around Sunny Cafe and drive way out of my way to get to the part of the center I had to go to. These berms discourage people to go shopping with ANY of the businesses there.

  • Bill Strickland

    simple solution,,,,close the cross over….make traffic have to turn across at another/safer, location and come into the shopping center from the other direction. No problem

  • limestone_mom

    yayyyy… just what we need – another red light to be added to the crazy number of lights between slaughter and county line rd. I am all for safety, but last I checked, HWY 72 was there BEFORE the business owners decided to move into that shopping center. There is no reason for the business owners to act like they didn’t know the “danger” before moving their businesses into that location. I agree with the above comment – close the cross over and force drivers to go to the next red light and turn around. IMO.

  • lindamo27

    I haven’t been through there in a while, but I used to enter off of Slaughter myself. Who gave him permission to close off the cross through to the other part of the parking lot? I mean there was access to this area with a road bump even, plus there was a pre-school back there as well. There are many places to shop as well and see no need for someone on the side that faces Slaughter to be able to close this area off. If they offer good food and services then there won’t be any problem with others using the parking lot driving area to cut through safely. Where are peoples minds these days!

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