Madison County Detention Officer Arrested at Jail, Charged With Domestic Violence

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Image: MGN Online

HAZEL GREEN, Ala. (WHNT) – A Madison County Sheriff’s Office Detention Officer was arrested Sunday and charged with domestic violence.

Madison County Sheriff Blake Dorning said Christopher Anthony Causey, 34, was arrested Sunday evening for an alleged physical altercation between him and his spouse.

Causey was arrested at the county jail while he was on duty.  He will be held for 12 hours and then released on $300 cash bond.

He is currently on administrative leave without pay.

His charge, domestic violence third degree, is a misdemeanor.  Causey could face up to a year in jail if convicted.



  • Michael

    According to the National Center for Women and Policing, families of law enforcement officers suffer from domestic violence as much as 4 times the rate of the average American family. It’s an alarming statistic, but one that few people want to do anything about.

    • Sammy

      Nuclear Mike, 3rd Degree is not “beating” that usually falls under 2nd or 1st. You can throw a quarter at a family member, and if it leaves a mark, it’s considered 3rd degree.

  • Hanging Chad

    Interesting when searching the Madison County Jail Inmates, he isnt listed as arrested or released.

  • Geo

    You don’t have to hit someone to be charged with domestic violence. A push or shove or any other personal contact. Even holding someone to keep them from hitting you is domestic violence.

    • Red

      I would be willing to bet that THIS arrest was justified. But you are exactly right. The standard for arrest for domestic violence is extremely low. And once arrested, you have an incredible load of mess to work through to resolve a situation. The “state” immediately steps between you and your family and tells you by default, that you have no more control and very little influence in how it is all resolved.

      Obviously, in some cases, this is perfectly justified. But it is often the case that the law, like ALL LAWS, tends over time, to be expanded in scope to the point that it is over applied and becomes an impediment to common sense resolution of family issues as opposed to being a safety net. I have a very recent experience… sitting in the courtroom listening to a judge proudly tell an old woman that she doesn’t care one bit that the old lady is telling her that her son-in-law is a good man and doesn’t deserve the domestic violence charge. In order to ensure that ALL of the guilty get what they deserve, some innocent WILL be prosecuted. THAT is the philosophy.

      Domestic violence arrests and drug possession arrests are the charges that keep the machine flowing and flush with cash.

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