Jackson County Church Burns For A Second Time

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JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) -- Members of a small Jackson County church are picking up the pieces after part of it burned.

Several dozen people call the Wright's Chapel Community Church theirs.

The small church is located in the Mud Creek community of Hollywood in Jackson County.

Sunday though, they weren't able to hold a service in the church.

"They called me and told me the church was on fire, so we ran straight on up here to find sure enough, it was on fire," Pastor Bobby Smart says.

The fire started Friday. Smart says luckily the blaze was caught in time before it did any more damage.

For the small congregation, this situation is familiar.

Another fire happened in April,  but it went out quickly and Smart says they didn't even call the fire department.

He thinks that first fire and this one aren't a coincidence.

"Somebody set it on fire. The first time they broke into that back door over there," Smart says.

But why would someone have a grudge against a small church?

Smart has his opinions on that too.

"Some people don't want us in the neighborhood and some people's got a grudge against us because of the way we acquired the church and things," Smart says.

The State Fire Marshall's Office is investigating, and so far the office hasn't been able to release any information on this yet.

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  • Sue

    Why would anyone want to burn this little church? It is a place of worship! LORD knows this world needs more worship with all the terrible things going on!!!

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