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Huntsville City Schools See Graduation Changes for the Better

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Pomp and circumstance in the air as hundreds of high school graduates prepare to walk across the stage this week. But something else is in the air - change for grads in the Huntsville City School system.

The big day has finally arrived for seniors in Madison County- Bob Jones and James Clemens high schools held graduation ceremonies Monday.

When Huntsville City Schools begin their graduation ceremonies later this week, there's going to be some changes across the board.

As graduates file down the aisles, get their diplomas and move their tassels from left to right, Huntsville City School District leaders will be paying attention to some newly implemented changes during the ceremony.

Keith Ward with Huntsville City Schools says a standardization process was years in the making.

"There was an effort to try and standardize all the processes and procedures, to make it fair to everybody," Ward says about the graduation changes the district made.

A viewer emailed WHNT News 19, concerned about school district allowing one high school's graduating seniors to wear more honor cords than another.

Ward say that's not the case.

"Well basically we've standardized it so that every school has the option of using both a cord a collar and a shoal that they can have as representation of academic honors for the students."

These honor cord limitations per say are the same for every school in the Huntsville City system.

"There won't be one that gets preferential treatment over another one," Ward reminds parents and students.

More changes: one contracted photographer per graduation, graduation programs will all contain the same content, and those graduation fees will be the same for every school in Huntsville.

Those standardized changes will help keep prices fair and consistent. "We're offering the same quality and treatment for every student," says Ward.

Half of Huntsville City School's seniors will graduate Thursday, the other half on Friday at the Von Braun Center.