Tucker’s Story Continued – Parents Thank Law Enforcement Agencies, Community For Support

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — We brought you Tucker Lane’s story back in October. Now, his parents want to share the rest of it, and thank the multiple law enforcement agencies and the community for their help in getting to where they are.

“His organs were all opposite and mirror image, and his heart was on his right side instead of his left side,” Tucker’s mom Faith Stapler says.

Tucker was also born without a spleen.

Soon after he was born on October first he was taken to the children’s hospital in Birmingham.

That’s where dad Matt Lane, Faith, and Tucker stayed. “Most of his life he’s spent in the hospital,” Faith says.

“When we first found out we didn’t know what we were going to do money-wise,” Matt says.

Matt is a deputy for the Madison County Sheriff’s Office.

That job led to something he didn’t expect.

“The department came and said ‘here, we’re doing this for you, we’ve collected this money and we got more coming and we got more coming,'” Matt says.

Officers and deputies from different agencies around the Huntsville area put on benefits and did what they could to help.

A friend of Matt’s who went to the police academy with him played in a benefit at Sammy T’s in Huntsville for free.

All of the money went to Tucker’s medical bills.

That was seven months ago.

Looking at Tucker then and Tucker now would make you smile.

“His last cardiology appointment, the doctor said they never expected him to look the way that he did on his x-rays,” Faith says, “He looks good.”

Tucker still has to take multiple medications each day, and at times is hooked up to tubes.

But he’s a strong little boy, and he’s growing fast.

His parents say it’s been a long road to this point, and that journey still hasn’t come to an end.

But they’ve made turns, taking them in stride with law enforcement agencies and the community helping them.

“If we didn’t have that money we wouldn’t have made it,” Matt says.

For Matt, who spends his life serving others. That outreach was in his words – incredible.

“Normally I’m used to giving to the community, and in return I had the community give to me this time,” Matt says, “It’s great.”

Tucker will be eight months old next month.

Faith says he still has a surgery scheduled.


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