A Final Wish Comes True: Grandmother Attends Grandson’s Surprise Graduation Before She Dies

Surprise Graduation Wish

McCALLA, Al. (WBMA) – Graduation is right around the corner for high school seniors, but one Alabama┬ástudent’s graduation came early, all because of one final wish.

High school senior Jordan Mason’s grandmother, who raised him, was diagnosed with cancer. Wednesday, doctors gave her three days to live, so his principal, teachers, friends and family organized a surprise graduation that afternoon.

“So I started to go to my aunts house. They were like turn around go get a white shirt. And I said, why am I getting a white shirt? And they said we are taking pictures. And I went outside and saw all my friends pull up, my principals and I started balling in tears,” says Mason.

They were all there for his graduation.

“And then, when they left, something hit me and I said she’s going to go tonight,” Mason said after the makeshift ceremony.

His grandmother died that evening.

“She actually lived to see him graduate. And I knew from being her friend for years and years and years that that was important to Kathy,” says one of Mason’s teachers.

Mason plans to be a firefighter in Tuscaloosa.

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