UPDATE: Two Dead in Hwy 431 Wreck In New Hope

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MADISON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - A fatal accident closed off parts of Hwy 431 near Merritt Drive Friday afternoon.

Witnesses said a car traveling on Hwy 431 collided with a motorcycle that pulled onto the highway from a local business.WreckPic

Authorities on the scene said

61-year-old Gregory 57-year-old Barbara Binkley were killed in the wreck.

The husband and wife were from Carrabelle, Florida, according to the Madison County coroner.

Huntsville resident Tyler Daniel pulled up on the wreck scene moments after impact.

"It was the worst thing I have ever seen, I wouldn't wish seeing that on anyone," Daniel told WHNT News 19 at the scene.

Witnesses say the woman driver of the car collapsed on the road, moments later her car caught fire, but firefighters arrived and put on the fire.

Highway 431 was closed for more than two hours as investigators collected evidence. The speed limit along this stretch of highway is 55 mph according to police, but it is not clear if speed played a factor.

We will continue to update you on-air, online, and on social media when we learn more details.


  • Me

    I agree that speed easily could have been a factor, however it doesn’t really make a difference as motor cycle accidents often result in fatalities. It simply is not a safe way of traveling. There have been several instances where a motor cyclist has died in a wreck where the speed is very low due to spine and neck injuries.

  • patsy martin

    That stretch of highway has had numerous accidents for years. Bless everyone involved in todays accident. It is said that a Wal-Mart Express is to be built in that vicinity and it worries me that there will be even more accidents there. Prayers for the victims and the driver of the car.

  • ivy

    I have known 3 people killed on a motorcycle. I will never ride one, even though I have several friends who ride. You travel with your body instead on a vehicle, not a smart idea in my mind.

  • Dee MadDog Murdoch

    I ride a motorcycle, and I know also what happens when a car going 55mph hits a vehicle at 5mph…I was in an accident in April, where a car hit the pace car in our bicycle race got hit…then the truck hit me at a lower impact…things could have been worse than they were but to be honest we ALL have a responsibility…we all have to look and do it twice…then carry on…You the rider know the dangers and be a defensive driver…We can only teach the drivers through media and community awareness that we are out there, until then, lets all share the road and enjoy life…

  • KB

    It isn’t only speed. Sometimes people just can’t wait and pull out in front of you or as you are pulling out, they decide to change lanes an don’t bother to signal. Not saying that’s what happened cuz I wasn’t there. It’s a sad thing.

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