Lawsuit Against Marshall County Schools Superintendent Over

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GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) -- A lawsuit against  Marshall County Schools Superintendent Tim Nabors is over after months of hearings and court proceedings.

A Marshall County judge ruled in favor of Nabors.

The last hearing held in this lawsuit was in April and the judge took that into consideration before finally handing down his ruling late Thursday afternoon.

Part of the allegations against Nabors stemmed from what one organization called a lack of correct postings of certain job positions.

In a four page document Circuit Judge Tim Jolley outlines the findings and results of this lawsuit that has been going on since last year.

"MCEA filed a lawsuit against me, and made several claims," Nabors tells WHNT News 19.

MCEA is the Marshall County Education Association.

Jolley's ruling shows Nabors was able to provide evidence counteracting MCEA's claims, among other issues throughout the proceedings that ultimately ruled in Nabors' favor.

"I'm glad it's behind us now, and I'm very tickled with the outcome," Nabors says.

He says the lawsuit still has a chance of being appealed.

Nabors plans on retiring in December of this  year.

That's a decision he tells us was made prior to the lawsuit.

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