Campfire Explosion Sends Six Little Girls To The Hospital

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ALBERTVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) —  Six young girls are recovering from a campfire explosion.

Sources tell us the girls were sitting near the fire when it exploded.

It happened on Buttermilk Road in Albertville early Friday evening.

Sources tell WHNT News 19 it’s not clear how the explosion happened.

We’re told the girls were sent to an area hospital.

It’s not clear how badly the girls were injured.



    • Tally

      One of the girls was Caitlyn Darnell. She has 2nd degree burns on her face,arms, and back. She will be at the children’s hospital for 3-5 days. That is all that I know of.

  • Matt

    I have had rocks explode around a camp fire a few times. The get hot and boil the moisture in the rocks.

  • Tally

    Also, Caitlyn was the most severely burned one. Nobody got killed or anything. The rest had minor burns.

  • Veckie Cahela

    We are certainly praying for all of the girls. It doesn’t matter what happened just that they are all ok. God was watching over them. I am thankful for their lives. God bless each one and their families.

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