Butler High School Students Head To DC To Tackle Education Inequity

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) – Education inequity has been a hot topic in Huntsville. Now Butler High School students are tackling the issue head on.

“For the past four months they have been studying topics like federal funding to Title I schools, topics like poverty and the effects it has on young children, teen pregnancy and why is there a higher rate in underprivileged schools than in other schools,” explains John Scianimanico, a Butler High School teacher and co-leader of the SOLE program.

Students and educators at the so-called “failing” school understand these issues all too well. But a group of 9 students are seeking solutions.

One student’s focus is on a lack of resources and the 30-million word gap. Another focuses on student’s perceptions of education inequity and possible solutions.

Scianimanico says he isn’t just impressed with the student’s dedication over the past months, “I’ve been astounded by what these students have been able to do.”

Friday afternoon the students headed to Washington ,D.C., where they will spend four days meeting with education experts, researchers, and reformers.

When they return, Scianimanico hopes the students will be more equipped to go out into the world and enact change for the better. And he’s confident. Because so far –

“They haven’t just met the expectations we set, they went beyond them.”