Battle of the Food Trucks Comes to Huntsville City Hall

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - It's the "Battle of the Food Trucks."

Nearly two-dozen mobile food vendors will descend upon downtown Huntsville hoping for a repeat performance of last month's hugely successful rally.

But tonight's event will be a little different.  The biggest change the location.

The food trucks will set up here on fountain circle in front of Huntsville City Hall.

If all goes well, this may wind up being where all future downtown food truck rallies are held.

More than 75-hundred people showed up at last month's event at Booth's Lumberyard.

Organizers knew they needed to find a larger location and quickly after such a large turnout.

Fountain circle was the answer.

We spoke with a nationally known food blogger who calls Huntsville home.

Christy Jordan of Southern says she sees Huntsville becoming a real culinary center for Alabama.

"It's just a great family experience. Huntsville has always been such a wonderful family friendly town in every way and this just adds a whole new dimension to it,” Jordan said. “To be able to go out when they have the food truck nights and take your kids and go from truck to truck, it's just a really cool experience."

The food truck rally is from 6:00 – 9:00p.m.

Admission is free but you do have to pay for the food.

Some people were standing in line for an hour or so last month waiting on their food.

Organizers hope service will go a little more quickly this time around.


  • Rachel Lewter

    My daughter and I plan to attend. After four years of college in ATL, food trucks are comman place. Tonight I want to experience the excitement for myself. Should be a very exciting evening.

  • Nuclear Mike

    “More than 75-hundred people..” is somewhat of an incorrect statement, it should read “more than one hundred people” or “75 to 100 people”…I would say that is a record crowd for anything Downtown regardless so tonight the crowd might be described as “less than 100 people” to be even more accurate.

  • Nuclear Mike

    and the “standing in line for an hour or so” makes for an enjoyable experience at the Courthouse Square…reminds of you getting your driver’s license or car tags does it not???

  • Nuclear Mike

    Drove thru Downtown to see the disappointing crowd ther tonight…just like the Whistle Stop barbque there are NO offical figures for either event offered b the City nor anu live coverage by TV of the “crowd” that was not there…all hype trying to market/brand Downtown as the place to be…

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