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EXCLUSIVE: Family Reacts To Sexual Abuse Charges Against Huntsville Woman

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)-- The mother of Kristian Griffin says allegations her daughter brought a 10-year-old girl to be photographed nude and sexually assaulted are untrue.

Griffin is listed as a co-conspirator along side Guntersville High School volunteer soccer coach David Barrow.

A district criminal complaint against Griffin was released Thursday morning.  It states there was intent to transport the victim, who was under the age of 12, to Barrow’s home.  It goes on to say Griffin intended to allow Barrow to take nude photographs of the child and have sexual contact with the victim.

Barrow was arrested Friday after coaching his girls varsity team at the State soccer semifinals at John Hunt Park.

Family members say Griffin was arrested Saturday and booked into the Madison County Detention Facility on a 60,000 bond. Griffin remains behind bars and her family says they are working to get an attorney to represent her.

Barrow is charged with human trafficking and sexual abuse.  Griffin is charged with conspiracy to commit sexual abuse of a child less than 12.

Griffin's mother, Tina says her daughter has had a "few run ins with the law before" but nothing even remotely close to the accusations against her daughter now.

"This is not the daughter I know and love she would never do anything to hurt a child and I stand with her 100 percent," Tina told WHNT News 19 Thursday.

Family members tell us they have been interviewed by Department of Human Resources investigators and are cooperating fully with police.


David Jacobs Barrow (Photo: Madison County Jail)

David Jacobs Barrow (Photo: Madison County Jail)

Griffin's family members say their daughter had on past occasions told them Barrow had asked her to help him with "illegal sexual acts." Tina says her daughter worked for Barrow at Mike's Merchandise in Huntsville but has not worked for the business for several months.

Barrow was released on bond Monday afternoon.

Barrow has a preliminary hearing scheduled for June 19.

 No court date has been set for Griffin at this time.


  • Amy

    I appereciate WHNT for posting more details about this. It enrages me that people would defend these two when there is NO WAY it would have gotten this far without proof. Apparently it never occurs to people that a man can appear completely normal but act completely perverse behind closed doors. I hope they read what this woman’s family said – that even they knew he was looking for someone to assist his deviant behavior. It should be no shock to anyone that he chose a woman with a police record. He wouldn’t exactly ask a law abiding and morally sound person would he? I’m waiting to hear more about the victim(s) in this case. How did they find the courage to speak up and who are their parents? Why was a child under 12 left to go with this woman? So many people have so much to answer for!!

    • Michael

      No one is defending the accusations. We’re saying he and she both deserve their day in court just like everyone else being charged with a crime. The burden of proof is on the prosecution as it should be.

      • Ronald T

        Now Michael. Burden of proof?? Didn’t you read these other posts? They’ve already been found guilty. By tomorrow this thread will be in the sentencing phase. If I was a betting man I would put my money on them being guilty of something. But we aren’t gambling here. The system must take care of this. I wonder how quick some of these people would say fry them now if someone went to the courthouse tomorrow and got a warrant on them for something they didn’t do? I bet they would become instant advocates of the innocent until proven guilty law.

    • auntluna

      Keeping their identify private is a major thing. Keeping the kids out of the public eye, and helping them and the families recover is the next step. Knowing that any guilty parties will be dealt with is second.

    • Ronald T

      Amen Scott. I was thinking the same thing. As disturbing as these accusations are and I agree it looks like it is what it is, but some of these comments especially the ones saying “she admitted it so done deal” we’ve had many people sentenced to death after admitting to a crime they didn’t commit, only to be exonerated years later.
      I’m not defending these acts whatsoever, but when we start convicting everyone accused and a couple that aren’t before their day in court we are undermining our judicial system. Our system isn’t perfect but it’s the best thing going. I Have been forced to look at things a little differently when a friend that I had the utmost respect for was accused of sexual misconduct with his angry stepdaughter. It was eventually proven that the estranged wife and daughter plotted together and made completely false allegations. He got his day in court and was cleared of any wrongdoing. All the preconceived notions and talk about him being charged only cost him his business, home and eventually his life. Let’s let the investigators and courts do their thing and then act accordingly. I will close by saying IF IF these allegations are proven to be true then we punish them as harshly as our laws allow. AS OF RIGHT NOW THESE TWO PEOPLE ARE NO MORE GUILTY OF THESE DISGUSTING ACTS THAN EVERYBODY THAT TOOK TIME TO POST ON IT. INCLUDING MYSELF.

  • B

    So if she told her family this man asked her to do these things before, why in the hell didn’t she or a family member go to police then?!? To just ignore something like this and go on about your life is just as bad as committing the crime!!!!! Absolutely disgusting! I don’t feel any remourse for this “woman”! If she had any knowledge of this before hand she should have turned him in then! Just as guilty as he is, along with her family if this story is true!!!

    • Ronald T

      Your comment gets the same point and reaction as a lot of these others. But you included that big word IF when you referred to these sick acts. We’ll said.

  • Leigh

    She said he had asked her to help him with illegal sexual acts before and this pervert wasn’t turned in? This girl has to be sick too and her family is blinded if they think this is ok to just turn your head when a sicko is after innocent children. And apparently she didn’t just turn her head with this child. She is accused of assisting. Sick, sick, sick.

  • auntluna

    Instead of the district attorney taking this case , it needs to be turned over to the FBI. If found guilty, these people will never be free to do this again. If the county proceeds, it will be a slap on the wrist. The child advocacy center needs to contact the Birmingham FBI!

    • Ronald T

      You are absolutely correct. This county is notorious for just slapping people on the wrist for these sick acts. A few years back Alabama touted a new sentencing guideline that makes us one of the toughest if not the toughest states on these crimes. Law says if a person is found guilty of sexual abuse with a child under 12 it is a minimum 20 years. No early release. No good time. Sounds great!! Oh yea they left a few details out. Over 90% of said cases are plea bargained to avoid trial so they plead guilty to a lesser offense and get 15 years and are back walking the streets with our children in 4-5 years. Tough? I think not. These cases should be tried on a federal level.

  • Emilia Rotorwhiz

    This mother of this creature of evil is as screwed up as her daughter. The daughter had given her statement to the Child Advocacy Center where she admitted to all the charges. For the common law husband… Run Forrest Run!!!!!! Get away from the Mom and daughter and don’t look back or they will get you in the end…. People who work at the center don’t make stuff up.. It’s real and as far as the police are concerned they have done their job well in this case…. All family members are shocked in any crime that happen’s and they don’t want to believe it.

  • jeff massey

    Lets all completely forget how this all started, you know, with the coach actually selling the pictures of the girls and pretend that, that part didnt happen. Now lets also forget the part where their stories didnt match up. Now lets forget that she said it was an ongoing thing.Wait, I forgot which part I was supposed to be forgetting to make them sound innocent. Dang, there’s always a catch.

    Life lesson Yall, if it quacks like a duck and it looks like a duck and has webbed feet like a duck, how many more things do we need before we agree it’s a duck?

  • Jerry W

    Jeff…….All we need is a trial and I admit it looks bad but without a trial one cannot convict them without due process and to do so goes against the constitution……. no matter “if it quacks like a duck and looks like a duck” The United Kingdom has a wonderful judicial system I think will fit your thought process better…… and some still wear powdered wigs. I have lived in England…… its fun to see. :)

  • Nuclear Mike

    How do adults that are NOT Family to these children have such access to take these children anywhere???

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