Chicken Tenders Not Hot Enough!

Didn’t Cut the Mustard: May 15, 2014

Shoneys #1244 at 2615 Florence Blvd in Florence: Score of 84
• Ice machine needed cleaning.
• Maintain all hazardous cold items at 41 F or below.

Jiffy Food Store at 1809 Hwy. 72 E. in Athens: Score of 82
• Chicken tenders held at 116F

Raceway # 231 at 11560 South Memorial Pkwy in Huntsville: Score of 79
• Anti-freeze was stored with food on the canned goods rack on one of the shelves.
• The ice machine interior was dirty.
• The ice was in contact with a dirty surface in the ice machine.
• Food items were held at 108F-124F in the hot holding unit. The heating elements of the unit were not working properly to hold the food at the proper temperature of 135 F or above.

Golden Spoon:
Mellow Mushroom at 2230 Cecil Ashburn Drive in Huntsville: Score of 98

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