WATCH: Hero Cat Saves Boy from Dog Attack

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BAKERSFIELD, Calif. — A family’s cat came to the rescue of a 4-year-old boy that was being attacked by a neighbor’s dog.

The incident happened Tuesday in southwest Bakersfield, Calif. A 4-year-old boy was riding his bike in front of his home when the neighbor’s dog started attacking him. The boy’s mother, Erica Triantafilo, was outside at the time.

Within seconds, the Triantafilo’s cat jumped on the dog to get it off the boy. The cat then chased away the dog.

The boy was taken to a local hospital where he received 10 stitches. He is now at home recovering, according to KGET.

“My cat defends my son during a vicious dog attack and runs the dog off before he can do additional damage. Thankfully, my son is fine!” the boy’s father, Roger Triantafilo, wrote in the YouTube video description.

Erica Triantafilo told KGET the neighbor voluntarily had their dog quarantined.

Editor’s note: The video ends with images of the boy’s injuries. Viewer discretion advised.


  • Sue

    Thank GOD the little boy wasn’t hurt any worse than he was -it could have been devastating! What a HERO kitty! Pets are very caring when it comes to owners and especially little children.

  • Laurie

    Quartantined? This child did nothing to provoke this dog and it was quarantined? I’m a big dog lover but that’s just too much. Hope the owners had the decency to pay!

  • Richard

    I’m a dog lover, too. However, a dog that stalks and attacks children must be put down…else, retired to some place far away from any children. No second chance for behavior like this.

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