Rogersville Employees Recieve Unwanted Online Attention

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ROGERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) - Earlier this week, more than a dozen Rogersville employees had their confidenital information posted on Facebook.

Police Chief Terry Holden was one of those employees.

"Well, you're concerned when you hear about it. But the town acted, you know,  they've done all they can do to correct it. It was an honest mistake and I feel fine with what the town has done for us," said Holden.

The information was posted on Facebook when a town employee attempted to create a page, for the town, to promote an event.

Mayor Richard Herston says the employee scanned a picture to put on the page.

But the computer scanned a picture and an important document.

The document had payroll information of past and previous town employees.

Leaders say even though the information was online for two hours, they aren't taking chances.

The town purchased a protection program for every employee affected by this mistake. The program protects from identity theft and fraud.

"We just eliminated the Facebook page and took it down. We are going to be sure we don't put anything back up there until we realize what cause the problem. The glitch," said Herston.

Town employees claim they're grateful the town took action.

"I just know it was an honest mistake. And at least the town step foward and took the blame and tried to correct the problem," said Holden.

Town leaders say they've contacted every employee whose name appeared on the list.

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