Possible Lawsuit Involving Proposed Gay Nightclub in Huntsville

HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — The owner of the building that once housed the Plush Horse club is now considering suing the city.

According to our news partners at The Huntsville Times/Al.com, in a public hearing last week, the Huntsville City Council voted against granting a liquor license to a gay nightclub that wants to move in the vacant building on Golf Road.

The owner of the building, Dewey Brazelton, said he is considering suing the city for discrimination against homosexuals and interfering with his plan to lease the space to a nightclub called “Club Upscale.”

“[We] already we got it in the works, I think [my dad's] gonna handle it when [he] gets back from vacation,” said Jay Brazelton, son of Dewey and also an owner of the property.

City zoning officials recommended against the liquor license, citing a lack of parking spaces in relation to the maximum building occupancy set by the fire marshal’s office.

Since then, the Brazeltons have added more parking spaces.

“When the councilman told us we didn’t have enough parking places, we went out there and restriped the parking lot, and we came up with a figure of 358 parking places,” said Brazelton.

City leaders also balked at the proposed club after community members claimed previous clubs attracted noisy patrons, litter, drugs, and occasional violence.


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