Florence School Superintendent Gets Passing Grade in Evaluation

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) – The report card for Florence’s superintendent of education is in and her bosses are pleased with the results.

One month ago, school board members sent out evaluation forms to get the communities input on Janet Womack’s job performance.

Just as each student in the Florence City School System gets a report card to show their progress during a school year, so does the superintendent of education.

For three years, school board members have solicited public input with a questionnaire sent to community members.

It’s a chance to get a perspective from the outside looking in.

We want to get feedback from the community and especially from the administrators, of what she’s doing well. Dr. Womack takes it very seriously. She wants to know about things she can improve on being the leader of the school district,”school board president Bill Jordan explained.

According to Jordan, the evaluation shows improvement in several areas across the system under Janet Womack’s leadership.

When Womack accepted the superintendent job in Florence, she stated she wanted the system to be first in every division across the state whether in academic achievement, athletics, or extracurricular activities.

Jordan said her determination has grown contagious and shows in the results of the system on a daily basis.

We are exceeding in all those things and we are number one in a lot of things. So I think it has, it does catch on and people have started to believe it and it’s pretty awesome,”stated Jordan.

On a scale of 4-points, Jordan said Womack scored an overall 3.71, and results he and the school board consider to be impressive.

Of the 99-forms sent out for the evaluation, 53 forms were returned for compilation.

The 2013 survey scored Dr. Janet Womack with a 3.84 on her evaluation.

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    I’d give her a 4 just for the perennial sunglasses look. That fashion sense reeks of professionalism. She is the Guy Fieri of secondary ed.

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