Saban Defends A.J. McCarron’s Leadership Ability

MONTGOMERY, Alabama — The headlines haven’t been great for AJ McCarron over the past few days.

Before dropping to the fifth round of the NFL draft, scouts questioned some of his leadership qualities. Then he drew fire for hiscomments about playing hurt and sacrificing to play at Alabama.

His former coach had the chance to respond to some of the recent news before a stop of the Crimson Caravan in Montgomery, according to our news partners at

The talk of McCarron’s cockiness caught Nick Saban off guard.

“It does surprise me because he was never that way to me and I think that if you asked a lot of his teammates, they would probably say the same,” Saban said. “I think that AJ is a very good person. And regardless of what he ever said to you and whatever way he left you with an impression, if he could do something to help you, he’d be the first person to be there to do it.

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