New Storm Shelters In The Works For Jackson County

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — New storm shelters are in the works in Jackson County.

After the 2011 tornadoes grants became available for counties across the state, and those grants could be used for community storm shelters.

“Jackson County in particular took advantage of it, and a lot of areas in the state have seen their construction complete, but we’ve still got a lot of projects going on,” Commission Chair Matthew Hodges says.

Multiple shelters across the county are already built and in use.

Hodges says quite a few more are currently in the works. “Every school, every county school in Jackson County will have a storm shelter on their property,” Hodges says,  “Municipalities are putting storm shelters in, and the county has two that we’re putting in a couple of locations in the county.”

Hodges says the grants made the cost of multiple shelters at once feasible. “It was a 75 25 grant, so in all the different locations, each different entity had to apply for a separate grant,” Hodges says.

After they’re all completed, there will be approved community shelters across the expansive county.

“This is a huge thing and a great benefit for the citizens and hopefully they’ll all become aware of it and know where their nearest shelter is, in case an emergency does happen,” Hodges says.


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