Huntsville Police Responded to Early Morning Shooting

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HUNTSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT)- Early this morning police in Huntsville responded to a shots fired into an apartment.

The apartment is located on the 4400 block of Torrance Drive.

Police say the victim heard a knock at the door and went to see who was there.

A man tried to force himself into the cracked door.

Police tell us, as the victim tried to force the door shut, the offender pulled a handgun and fired through the door.

The victim was shot in the left hand.

Police say the victim’s girlfriend fired her handgun out the window at the offender.

It is unknown if the offender was hit.



  • Say What

    Everyday becomes more like those wild west TV shows and movies we watched as kids! More guns = more bullets flying around!!

    • Saul Alinsky

      your right wakeup, band all guns. were the only people that needs guns, we got to stop these red necks from getting guns to harm us, keep up the good work ,say what ,wake up , james . we know whats best for these red neck southerners .

    • dee

      gee the way I see it, it wasn’t the gun that was the problem, it was the idiot trying to force his way through the door.

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