Warm Cheese Not On The Menu at Madison Restaurant

Didn’t Cut the Mustard:

Carson's Grill at 12060 County Line Road in Madison: Score of 68
• Windex unlabeled and stored on dishwasher.
• Cracked containers, chipped plates and damaged metal strainer.
• Cheese 59F

Craig's Cafe and Gator Grill at 414 Montgomery Ave in Sheffield: Score of 78
• Unapproved big sprays and cleaners/toxic items stored with paper towels. Bug spray discarded. Paper towels moved to an approved area.
• No date mark on gumbo. Real herb butter sitting out at 50F.
• Personal drink on prep table with prep food items, utensils, etc. Moved to designated area.

Clinton Avenue Grocery at 2310 Clinton Avenue in Huntsville: Score of 80
• Dressing 51F, pigs feet 45F, turnip greens 44-45F, raw chicken 47F, eggs 68F.
• Pork chops 117-126F, baked chicken 110F, gizzards/livers 110-120F, fried chicken 118F, sausage 117-118F.
• Evidence of rodents in establishment.

Golden Spoon:

Weddings by Melissa at 5647 County Road 10 in Florence: Score of 100
Belle Fleur at 538 Harvest Road in Harvest: Score of 99

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  • Makk

    how did clinton ave. grocery get a higher rating (with possible rodents) than Carson’s grill with only cheese problems & a few broken dishes….rodents are a bigger concern to me!

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