Enjoy the New Otter Habitat at Tennessee Aquarium

A romp of seven playful otters have a dramatic new home to explore at the Tennessee Aquarium in downtown Chattanooga.   This spacious new forest home called River Otter Falls features waterfalls, a lengthy stream with several pools and a terraced landscape the otters love to scamper up and down.

The playful nature of North American River Otters helps draw people into a world that was nearly lost in Tennessee. At one time otters were listed as an endangered species in the state, disappearing because of over-trapping. Thanks to reintroduction efforts and conservation measures, river otters can once again be seen throughout Tennessee.

Tennessee Aquarium guests will also encounter free-flying songbirds, colorful freshwater fish and other native species. The new otter exhibit helps people fully appreciate the intrinsic value of the Cove Forest ecosystem and sets the stage for a day of discovery.

Click here for more information about the Aquarium, including directions, hours and ticket prices.


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