Jackson County Leaders Discuss Possibility Of Opening Bellefonte Power Plant

JACKSON COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) — A Jackson County committee is discussing what needs to be done to get the Bellefonte power plant online.

The plant has yet to produce electricity for the Tennessee Valley.

A committee composed of Jackson County leaders is working with the TVA to find out what needs to be done to make that happen.  They say having it operational would be beneficial for the county.

Jackson County Commission Chairman Matthew Hodges is on that committee.

“What we locally are really pushing for is that we want something to happen there, whether it be the nuclear plant or whether they organize some other type of construction out there,” Hodges said.

The county gets in lieu of tax funds for every TVA operated property in the county.

Those funds make up a large part of the funding that goes to entities like the Sheriff’s office, schools, volunteer fire departments, and incorporated municipalities.

So having that plant online would help increase those slowly decreasing funds from TVA.

One option would be to have a public-private partnership.

“There are a lot different things that have been mentioned from time to time,” Hodges said. “We would be willing to look and help along with anything to get that plant going whether it be that, whether it be TVA or some other kind of industrial development.”

The committee plans to keep discussing these options with TVA.


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