In Light Of Tragedy, A Marshall County Family Gives Back

GUNTERSVILLE, Ala. (WHNT) — A family facing tragedy is giving back.

“He was very outgoing, full of life, liked doing everything a typical five-year-old does,” Crystal Garner says.

She describes her five-year-old son Chaysen as a happy, excited little boy.

Two months ago though, his family’s lives changed. “He was involved in a car accident on March the third, on Highway 69 here in Guntersville,” dad Jamie says.

“He was ejected and he had head trauma, and he had a main artery that was cut and he lost a lot of blood, and so that was the main cause of death,” Crystal says.

For Chaysen’s parents the memory of that day is still fresh, but what is even more clear is the memory of their vibrant five-year-old.

So that’s why his parents decided to give back.

Saturday a blood drive was held in his memory in Guntersville. “That was a way we could help others,” Crystal says, “That was the least we could do with what everyone has done for us, and try to help other families in tragic situations.”

Every donation helps save lives.

That’s something Chaysen’s parents find comforting.

At Saturday’s drive, Jamie and Crystal got more than they expected. “It has been a huge turnout,” Jamie says, “I think the Life South people told us they normally have a go of 15 and we’ve exceeded close to 50.”

It’s a situation no parent should ever go through, but for this family, the support and the opportunity to give back is helping them through it. “We’ve been very appreciative for the support of a lot of good people,” Jamie says.

The family plans to have another drive next year, and they say they would like to make it an annual event.


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