The City Of Florence Cleans Up

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FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Admit it, you've done it before. You're driving and you open your window and litter.

It's something small, but it's creating a huge problem at E.A. Nelson.

E.A. Nelson sells industrial and agricultural equipment. The store is located right by O’Neal bridge and sees too much trash around its building.

" Because of the traffic coming through the O’Neal Bridge, there's litter all the
 time. So it's important that the outside stays clean and it looks like a reputable business, said worker Dallas Fowler.

Florence is home to many reputable businesses.

The city tries to keep businesses by cleaning its streets every week.

But on Saturday, the city is taking cleaning to a whole new level.

"We are going to invite volunteers and groups to come in and help us clean the streets," said David Koonce, manager of Florence's solid waste, street and recycling department,

David Koonce says the city expects hundreds to help out for the city wide clean up day.

"Its everyone’s city and it's a chance to make it look better, make it look pretty. Littering is a big problem anywhere and everywhere. We take a lot of pride in the way Florence looks and we’re proud to live here," said Koonce.

The event will take place Saturday morning. Volunteers will meet up at the Florence -Lauderdale Coliseum.


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  • KB

    I keep a small bathroom type trash can in the back floorboard of my car. I can’t stand people who litter. I also have a butt bucket for my cigarettes. There have been time that the car in front of me threw his cigarette out the window and it flew into mine! An accident waiting to happen. People are just lazy and inconsiderate.

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