Limestone Tornado Victims Thankful For Help

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LIMESTONE COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - Volunteers are streaming into tornado-ravaged Limestone County in an effort to help the victims of Monday's storms. Some of them are cooking and feeding the hungry, while others are helping clear away the debris.

Gina Barbin remembers the help her community received following the April, 2011 tornado. So Friday morning, she and a few friends drove up and found a spot on the side of Highway 72 in Limestone County, and started cooking.

"People from Moulton, Alabama, around the Mt. Moriah community, and really from all over Moulton, gave us some donations and we went and bought a lot of stuff and just come out trying to help people," Barbin said.

They fed several hundred people, including a bunch of hungry linemen.

"Well these people right here are helping us, people setting up on the side of the road feeding us, it helps us keep going," said Michael Brown, a lineman with the Guntersville Electric Board.

On one road we found a group of volunteers from a Huntsville church, cutting trees and clearing debris. Chris Mitchell, of "The Rock" Church in Huntsville says, "This is a part of PAR, Preparedness and Response, a coalition of churches and different groups that come together. We formed after the storms of 2011..."

And they've been responding to disasters such as this one since then.

But not all of the volunteers are this organized. At this house on Log Cabin Road, members of the Lauderdale County High School football team showed up with chain saws and began clearing this yard. They were soon joined by a host of others, like Mike Hughes, of Harvest. He's seen tornado damage before.

"2011 was a rough year for us, just doing what I can to help," Hughes said.

Janie McBay said she never expected this much help. "No, no. and when I came home, it just overwhelmed me and all. I know God sent everybody here."

Even more volunteers are expected in the area Saturday, and there's plenty for them to do.

There's a volunteer check-in station set-up at Clements Baptist Church. They'll be able to direct help from groups and individuals to where it's needed.