Decatur Police Officer Honored for Saving Child and Puppy from Fire

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – The men and women of the Decatur Police Department routinely put their lives in danger to protect Decatur residents. One Decatur officer is being honored as a hero for saving the lives of a child and puppy.

Friday afternoon, State Senator Arthur Orr and State Representative Terri Collins met with members of the Decatur Police Department in the Decatur City Council Chambers to honor Officer Zachary Blanton.

On June 28, 2013, Blanton was dispatched to a residence to investigate a possible domestic disturbance. When he got there, the house was on fire and the woman who lived there and one of her children were in the front yard.

The woman was screaming that another child was still in the burning house. She attempted to go back inside, but Blanton stopped her and went in himself.  He found the child and carried him outside to his mother.

Once the child was safely outside, the woman yelled to Blanton that her “baby” was still inside.  Blanton then ran back into the house thinking that another child was there.  He searched the house and finally found the family’s puppy in a back bedroom. He carried the puppy outside to the family and confirmed that was the “baby” that the woman had been talking about.

Rep. Collins presented Blanton with a copy of a House Resolution commending him for bravery and Sen. Orr presented him with a State of Alabama flag. Blanton  also received the Decatur Police Department’s Medal of Merit in a ceremony earlier this year.

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  • Mike

    These guys don’t get enough recognition for the work they do. Congrats to Officer Blanton and all of the Decatur PD.

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