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Florence Seeking Animal Control Director; Splitting Job From Police

FLORENCE, Ala. (WHNT) - Some administrative restructuring is going on in the city of Florence in hopes of leveling out the work load.

This week, a new job posting appeared for an animal control director which in turn will split animal control operations away from the police department.

It’s no secret lots of work has been put into the Florence Animal Shelter in hopes of reaching the status of a low-kill facility.

But with reaching the goal and planning for the construction of a new city shelter, Florence Mayor Mickey Haddock realized the importance of making it a stand-alone position.

“With a person there with hands-on responsibilities each and every day to manage those volunteers, to manage the staff, and to try and continue to foster those relationships and continue to adopt out those animals, that’s what I hope happens,” explained Haddock.

Currently, Chief Ron Tyler heads both the police department and animal control services.

During the previous mayoral administration, several departments were combined to save tax payer money in overhead costs.

Mayor Haddock said after evaluating the public safety umbrella, animal control and the police department was just too much for one person to oversee.

“Quite a bit of Chief Tyler’s time was being concentrated in and around the animal shelter,” stated Haddock. “I didn’t feel like that was fair to him either, because that was pulling him away from his duties as a police chief.”

Mayor Haddock said once the animal control director position is filled, it will once again become its own department - concentrating on animal services and public education.

Listed on the Florence employment website, the pay scale for an animal control director ranges from $51,000 to $69,000 a year.

According to the website, the job will remain posted until May 29th.  Here's the job posting.

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