Redstone Arsenal Remains Closed Tuesday Due to Severe Weather Threat

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Redstone Arsenal sign (WHNT News 19)

REDSTONE ARSENAL, Ala. – Due to forecasted severe weather conditions in northern Alabama this afternoon, Redstone Arsenal will remain closed today (Tuesday, April 29).

Gate 9 will remain open 24/7 for emergency traffic only. All other gates will be closed.

Redstone Arsenal contractors should follow the guidance stated in contracts regarding closures.

All employees should be in close contact with supervisors to ensure they have the latest information and instructions and should report their status to their supervisors on a regular basis for accountability.

“As a precaution to incoming severe weather, we have decided to remain closed. The safety and well-being of our workforce remains our top priority,” said COL Bill Marks, Garrison Commander, Redstone Arsenal. “We urge all employees to contact their management to share their current status.”

For current information during an inclement weather event, please call our hotline at 1-877-863-1462 for a recorded message or monitor our website and social media sites at:


  • Curtis

    The traffic congestion leaving RSA at 11am is understandable thanks to school closings, people happy to take off, and increased apprehension fed by the media. But when RSA announces an official time for opening, unnecessary traffic congestion is created. Why not have an official time for opening with the gates actually open before that?

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