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Huntsville, Ala. (WHNT) – The Heartbleed computer bug showed just how vulnerable our information is online, even when we’re using well-known services or websites.

In the wake of that security scare, experts are recommending Internet users change all of their passwords for email, financial sites and retailers. As usual, they’re stressing the importance of complex, unique passwords for each online service you use.

Unfortunately, people just don’t want to use a lot of different passwords (or difficult ones.) See this story as evidence.

Password keepers though, can make it easier to follow the expert advice. CNET editors for example, highly recommend the service Last Pass. The free version works across all of your PCs as a browser download.

It’s a pretty easy process. Just create one “master” password – the only one you’ll have to remember – and Last Pass will store all the complicated usernames and passwords for other online services or websites you frequent. The service will also generate the complicated passwords for you and centralize data.

Last Pass also offers a premium version as an app for mobile devices. It costs 12-bucks a year.

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