Harvest Residents Flock To New Storm Shelter

HARVEST, Ala.(WHNT)-Residents in Harvest filled a new storm shelter to capacity Monday, three years and one day after the surrounding neighborhood was leveled by a massive tornado.

Anxious residents of the Lockhart neighborhood flocked to the new shelter in droves, with many arriving nearly two hours before the first round of storms rolled in. The 125-person capacity had been reached by late afternoon.

“We got here about an hour ago, just waiting for the storm to come,” said Harvest resident Nikki Yorbrugh. “It’s a great spot. Nice and secure, very safe.”

“It’s truly been a blessing to us,” said Harvest resident Christopher Dixon. “It makes everything a whole lot different. People come down, bring the family down. When we didn’t have it you didn’t know what to do. It was real uncomfortable.”



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