Colbert County Family Back On Land

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COLBERT COUNTY, Ala. (WHNT) - As the rain continued to fall, the roads in Colbert County began to flood.

Tony Manuel and his family experienced the dangers of flooding Monday evening.

"The water was coming down and it just really overflowed before we realized it," said Manuel.

Tony Manuel pastors the Apostolic Lighthouse church in Colbert County. He and his family live on the property where the church is located. He says they were waiting for the storms to slow down, a decision gone wrong.

"The water was just coming up the hill so fast. It just filled up. I mean it's just three or four foot deep out there,” said Pastor Manuel.

The family of five managed to contact Colbert County emergency responders, and within minutes they managed to get the family on land. EMA officials say no one was injured.