Senator Jeff Sessions Says Alabamians Are Worried

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The question for the Senator on his visit to the WHNT News 19 Studio...what do his constituents say concerns them? "They're worried about our financial future," says the Senator.  He adds that Alabamians understand something crucial. "We are on an unsustainable path. We cannot continue at this rate. We've got to make changes," says Senator Sessions.

He's talking about government spending, and the ever-increasing U.S. debt.  Alabamians he says, are willing to make some sacrifice, but they want to make sure everyone sacrifices equally.  Budgets definitely have to be cut. "But if we do this thing right, with some minor adjustments...som more than minor maybe, but not unacceptable. We could put the country on a sound path," says the Senator.

Budget cutting isn't music to the ears of Redstone Arsenal defense workers, and the Senator is aware of that.  He's also aware that Huntsville and Redstone are big parts of the technological edge this country enjoys. "Our missile defense systems, our missile systems, our aviation systems are so sophisticated and so good. That's what makes our warriors on the battlefield so effective,' says Senator Sessions.

This is a nation that has been at war for several years.  That's changing, and the Senator says the change brings with it a consolidation. "We re-organize ourselves. Think about what the future is going to be like, and make sure every dollar we spend is going to help us achieve the goals that we need to achieve," says the Senator.

Another budget that concerns north Alabama belongs to NASA, and a chunk of it is spent at Marshall Space Flight Center . Senator Sessions says he believes Congress understands how important it is for NASA to continue developing the Marshall managed Space Launch System.  "We have a responsibility to our people and to the world, and we want to be the leader and it's symbolic of the United States leadership in space," says Senator Sessions.



  • Dave B.

    Yes, we have, are and will be on an unsustainable path for the near future. This is not news and the Congressional & Executive Branch of our Government have not solved this enormous and painful issue for the past 10 years regardless of party. Far easier to “kick the can down the road”, keep printing tons of US dollars via the Federal Reserve and keep the interest rates artificially low to maintain some low economic growth. At the same time the government tells people that the cost of living has not increased while groceries especially meat are the highest ever.

    We cannot be the policeman to the world, use foreign aid to influence political affairs or pretend to occupy the leadership in space. You must be strong economically and we are not !

    The only fair way to avoid partisan politics is for all departments to take a 10% cut from the Congressional Budget basis. No further budget bills are to be authorized or appropiated unless there is a national emergency or a war declared by Congress. It will hurt but then the toys are taken away from the Washington Bureaucrats.

  • Skillpot

    This is what concerns me:
    1. Congress ‘Going Along, to get Along,’ except for their personal interests, and that of the Party,
    2. Congress, especially the Senate, not taking action, OVERDUE, for Obama, Reid, and others,
    3. BLM, EPA, DOE, and other agencies that are overdue to be deleted, yes, Government Gone Wild,
    4. U.S. House of Representatives Bill “H.R. 2847,”
    5. Israel, and the US to protect that country,
    6. Putin, and the just talking about the problem,
    7. Yes, there are many more, but.

    • Jim

      Yeah, lets get rid of the EPA we don;t need anyone telling industry that they cant pollute our air, land and water. We should make it as easy as we can so they can make as much money as they want. Its explensive putting filters on those pipes of effulent and smokestacks. Who cares if people get cancer from what the smokestacks put out, they should go live someone where else…Who wants to spend any money to be cleaner to protect the environment. Who cares if coal ash runs into the lakes and rivers, we can buy our fish from China.. Its all about money. We shouldnt have to pay more to keep people from dying of cancer from the water the plants should be able to let go in the river.. Lets harvest all that oil in Alabama and let those companies strip mine it till the water in the rivers run red..Who cares about drinking water, they can move or buy bottled water… The people living in those areas just need to move…YEAH GET RID of the EPA sounds good to me!!

  • Jim Morley

    With congress members like Sessions who talk about the problems but do nothing concrete to begin solving them, the outlook is not too good. As long as the wealthy are doing OK their representatives in congress only need to talk a good game to get reelected and wealthier. We elect these bozos so we shouldn’t be surprised with the consequences.

    • Skillpot

      But, paul, who are we going to put in their place? Does one not have to support the Party first. then self, then you, and me?

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