Senator Jeff Sessions Says Alabamians Are Worried

The question for the Senator on his visit to the WHNT News 19 Studio…what do his constituents say concerns them? “They’re worried about our financial future,” says the Senator.  He adds that Alabamians understand something crucial. “We are on an unsustainable path. We cannot continue at this rate. We’ve got to make changes,” says Senator Sessions.

He’s talking about government spending, and the ever-increasing U.S. debt.  Alabamians he says, are willing to make some sacrifice, but they want to make sure everyone sacrifices equally.  Budgets definitely have to be cut. “But if we do this thing right, with some minor adjustments…som more than minor maybe, but not unacceptable. We could put the country on a sound path,” says the Senator.

Budget cutting isn’t music to the ears of Redstone Arsenal defense workers, and the Senator is aware of that.  He’s also aware that Huntsville and Redstone are big parts of the technological edge this country enjoys. “Our missile defense systems, our missile systems, our aviation systems are so sophisticated and so good. That’s what makes our warriors on the battlefield so effective,’ says Senator Sessions.

This is a nation that has been at war for several years.  That’s changing, and the Senator says the change brings with it a consolidation. “We re-organize ourselves. Think about what the future is going to be like, and make sure every dollar we spend is going to help us achieve the goals that we need to achieve,” says the Senator.

Another budget that concerns north Alabama belongs to NASA, and a chunk of it is spent at Marshall Space Flight Center . Senator Sessions says he believes Congress understands how important it is for NASA to continue developing the Marshall managed Space Launch System.  “We have a responsibility to our people and to the world, and we want to be the leader and it’s symbolic of the United States leadership in space,” says Senator Sessions.



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