Scottsboro Council’s Retirement Incentive Plan To Save Nearly $600 Thousand

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SCOTTSBORO, Ala. (WHNT) -- Scottsboro city officials are working on a plan to save the city hundreds of thousands of dollars.

They're discussing the possibility of passing a retirement incentive for eligible employees.

That incentive would be for eligible employes to retire and either be paid one lump sum initially or a series of payments over several years."Of course we're replacing those high-end salaries with starting out salaries and there may be a couple of positions that we may not fill," Scottsboro Mayor Melton Potter says.

The city plans on filling the majority of the positions eligible for retirement with starting salaried workers.

This plan is something the council has done in the past and city leaders say it was successful."Early estimates that we've looked at, if everyone takes advantage of it, it will save us about five hundred and eighty thousand dollars, for the first year," Mayor Potter says.

The mayor says that money would free up a lot of funds within the budget and he says there are several projects that need to be taken care of within the city. "We have needs in our recreation department and in our solid waste department, of course equipment purchases, so that will help things," Mayor Potter says.

The council has discussed this incentive at length and Mayor Potter says he is confident, based on its past success, that it will pass.

The council expects to vote on Monday.

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  • Nuclear Mike

    Plans like these made up by the very people who benefit from such plans NEVER save the taxpayer’s hard earned monies!!!

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