New website links those leaving military with jobs

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Are you a veteran looking for work? Know someone who is or will be? The federal government has a new website linking soliders leaving the military to jobs.

First lady Michelle Obama announced the online effort Wednesday. It’s designed to link soldiers leaving the military with positions that might match their skills.

Users can search by location or interest. They can also create resumes, connect to employers directly or join a database for companies to mine. Click here to start exploring.

The Veterans Employment Center will also provide additional resources to those adjusting back to civilian life.

As the U.S. winds down wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, unemployment remains an issue for many veterans.


  • Nuclear Mike

    Since the Federal Government wanted an all volunteer military, the Feds are glad to UN-volunteer them as needed…bon chance with those jobs as many volunteered for the military due to the worsening economy because they could not find a private sector job before!

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