Austin Students Learn Dangers Of Drunk And Distracted Driving

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DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) - Drunk and distracted driving, it's necessary to remind teenagers of these dangers on a regular basis. At Austin High School in Decatur Friday, about 150 students found out how much they know of the dangers of drunk and distracted driving.

Its called "I Know Everything" and it's described as an integrated teen driver safety program designed to draw attention to the issues of distracted driving and driving under the influence. The students respond to a series of questions to gauge how much they already know.

"Because it gives our students the opportunity to really see what they do and don't know plus its going to be part of a survey thats gonna be done nationwide to help more students," says teacher Bethany Gonzalez.

The exercise is done in kind of a game show format. Each student has a remote answering device to respond to the multiple choice questions. The actual lessons are reinforced as the students respond and then learn the correct answer to each question.

"We're hoping through this program to get our students to really think about what they're doing and paying attention to not only how they're driving but how other people around them are driving." and of course the ultimate goal is to create safer drivers and ultimately lower the teen driver mortality rate.

The Foundation for Advancing Alcohol Responsibility created the program. Foundation officials will use the results of Friday's survey to help them understand the gaps in what teenage drivers know and understand.