Nurse Testifies Wilbourn Infant’s Injuries Consistent with Shaken Baby Syndrome

DECATUR, Ala. (WHNT) – A nurse testified Wednesday 4-month-old Amy Wilbourn’s injuries were the type of brain traumas she has seen before in shaken babies or children involved in car accidents.

Gary Wilbourn, 41, of Lacey’s Spring is on trial in Morgan County on charges of capital murder and aggravated child abuse in his infant daughter’s 2008 death.

Former Huntsville Hospital pediatric ICU nurse Jade England said Amy’s left pupil was larger than her right and that her eyes were crossed.  “That indicates brain damage,” England told the court.

The child was also shaking and seizing when she was transferred from Crestwood Medical Center to Huntsville Hospital in the early morning hours of Dec. 20, 2008, England recalled.

The soft spot on the top of Amy’s head between the unfused skull bones also indicated brain swelling, according to England.

The nurse explained she has worked in several pediatric ICUs across the country, and estimated she has seen about 10 cases of shaken babies.

“I have seen lots of injuries from infants rolling off a bed or a couch – never have I seen brain swelling, and to the point of a dysconjugate gaze.”

Jurors will hear from several medical professionals during the trial, which could last into next week. Three nurses and four doctors have testified since the prosecution began presenting witnesses before Judge Steven Haddock on Tuesday.


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