Poll shows Americans not confident in Big Bang, OK with smoking science

(Image Credit: Wikipedia.org)

(Image Credit: Wikipedia.org)

A new poll shows a rift in Americans’ thinking when it comes to basic concepts of modern science.

Americans overwhelmingly accept the scientific evidence that smoking can cause cancer. However, as CBS News and the AP report, a “bigger portion of Americans still question some of the basic concepts of modern science, according to a new Associated Press-GfK poll.”

In the survey, respondents were asked to rate their confidence in several statements involving science and medicine. A representative sample of 1,012 U.S. adults, ages 18 and up, were polled.

The survey results may be surprising to some. In some areas of scientific study, Americans were skeptical. For example, U.S. respondents showed “more skepticism than confidence in the scientific concept that a Big Bang created the universe 13.8 billion years ago.”

Other areas of doubt? The science behind global warming and the age of the Earth.

On the other hand, the most broadly accepted scientific statement was that “smoking causes cancer, with a whopping 82 percent of respondents saying they were extremely or very confident that it did.”

To read the full survey details and take a closer look at the numbers, click here.


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