Company Delinquent On Paying Taxes Leases Office To Madison County


HUNTSVILLE, Ala (WHNT) – Clerks in the Madison County Tax Collector’s Office are organizing the list of properties they want to sell. The properties belong to people who have not paid their taxes. The Madison County Chairman might want to get his hands on the list. The building housing the county’s new sales tax office is on it.

Madison County Sales Tax Office employees moved into a temporary location at 415-A Church Street this week. The owner of that building does not have a signed agreement with Madison County Chairman Dale Strong.

Tax records show Flamingo Enterprises owes Madison County $23,196.28 in taxes. A bill sent out in October 2013 and printed Tuesday reveals a problem.

“Those taxes are delinquent at this time,” said Chief Clerk Pam Mayo.

Flamingo Enterprises is made up of shareholders. WHNT News 19 contacted the company’s president.

“He is aware of it and is going to be getting those paid,” added Mayo.

The president, Michael Brodowski, is a Huntsville lawyer. WHNT News 19 went to his office to ask if the delinquent tax bill was a mistake. He was not there. WHNT News 19 could not get an answer, so emailed questions to him.

Brodowski replied, “Thank you for bringing this matter to my attention.  I will inform officers of the corporation, which owns the subject real property,  of your message and get back to you.”

A Madison County Spokeswoman told WHNT News 19 water damage forced the sales tax office to move to a location with a good price that was move-in ready.

Jennifer Gordon added, “We were unaware of who owned the property or that he had an outstanding tax bill. We have contacted the leasing broker and asked him to convey to the property owner that he needs to settle this matter and if that does not happen we will not consider remaining at the end of our three month lease.”

Brodowski told WHNT News 19 Thursday the taxes were paid.


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